Our company rely on waste management in 1979 İtimat Atık Yönetimi Metal Ambalaj Atıkları Nak. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. started its activity under the name for 35 years, waste (scrap metal, paper, wood pallets, etc.) has been active in the industry. Packaging waste Regulations under the Shrub of the year 2007 in the industrial, 2250 m2 area, has established a licensed facility. This was understood and with the municipality of Nilüfer kapsamanda are underway. Our company also left these investments in September 2009 by the Ministry of environment and forestry of Turkey within the scope of the regulation on the control of dangerous wastes, scrap metal shavings, shavings, wood chips, such as yellow grease was Al kontemine all metal scrap and scrap to win back when the cables are for the purpose of inikurmuş. In the industrial area of 6000 m2 closed Akcalar 2011 9000m2 open total 15000 m2 opened the third place.Our goal is to create our company restructuring with waste management in terms of technical and industrial services in environmental laws, ISO 14001 EMS standards at a fast, economical, reliable and professional service.

Our company is your partner for economic and ecological waste management.

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