As with all over the world, in our country, especially in the big cities the biggest environmental problem faced by the people of the wastes. In our country are produced approximately 65 thousand tons of waste a day. In our country and in the world, there are three basic policy is the management of solid wastes. These are producing less waste, wastes and wastes to be eliminated without harming the environment. Turkey regards the recovery of wastes in the long run for many years. Glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and metal packaging waste in particular are wild field parsing method of dumping and street collectors through the streets is aggregated, used in various industries as a source of raw materials. For the purposes of recycling of packaging waste 30.07.2004 date and 25538 Numbered Official Gazette "packaging and Packaging waste control regulation" published was enacted and revised June 24, 2007. This regulation, municipal, industrial, commercial and Office released abroad, regardless of whether it is a plastic, metal, glass, paper and Board, made of materials like composites and all packaging and packaging waste. In this context, the collection of all materials to the class, separate packaging and recycling is essential to gain. Our company has all these environmental law and regulation in the light of the responsibility of control of packaging waste. Packaging waste is a raw material, but also with an understanding of the way our company housing, workplaces, hospitals, official institutions and organizations emerged to move the collection of packaging waste, and providing the parsing environment and contribute to the country's economy as a principle.